Modern JavaScript Development
Duration2 Days
WhereMunich, Germany
Price999 Euro
Enhance your team's efficiency and code quality with cutting-edge JavaScript techniques and AI integration strategies, optimizing performance, security, and innovating the daily coding routine, while smartly adopting TypeScript to save time and reduce costs.
how you will profit
Skill EnhancementElevate coding expertise with the latest JavaScript features and AI integration techniques.
Error ReductionLearn to write more secure, error-resistant code, boosting personal performance and reliability.
Innovation EdgeGain hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies, staying ahead in a fast-evolving industry.
Career GrowthMaster modern development practices, increasing personal value and contribution to the team.
Why this Workshop?
As the sole programming language natively supported in web browsers, JavaScript remains a cornerstone in web development, ensuring its relevance and indispensability for the foreseeable future. In a rapidly evolving tech world, with over 17.4 million JavaScript developers and yearly updates to the programming language since 2015, staying current is crucial. This workshop bridges the gap to modern JavaScript and AI integration, addressing the needs of 35% of companies using AI, with 42% planning implementation. It’s a pivotal step for developers eager to adapt and innovate in JavaScript and AI within the software industry.
How the Workshop Prepares You for JavaScript and AI?
The workshop directly addresses the challenge of staying current in the rapidly evolving realms of JavaScript and AI. By focusing on the latest JavaScript functionalities, data structures, and the use of Worker Threads, it lays the foundation for understanding and leveraging the ongoing advancements in the language. The inclusion of AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot in the curriculum is pivotal for adapting to the swift progression of AI in development. This approach ensures participants are not only updated with contemporary techniques but also equipped with the mindset and skills to continuously adapt and innovate in the face of fast-paced technological changes.
Wolfram KriesingWolfram Kriesing
Wolfram KriesingWolfram Kriesing started and finished his first JavaScript-only project in 1999, converting a Flash page into a dynamic HTML site.Besides that he is:
Public Speaker and moderator
since 2005
Founder of JSCraftCamp
a OpenSpace/Barcamp in Munich
Creator of JSKatas
a web-platform to learn JavaScript
Team Lead on Speed-Team
at HolidayCheck
Co-Founder uxebu (2008-2015)
early JS-only company
Advance in JavaScript: New Features UnveiledExplore the latest in JavaScript, from new array and string functions to the Reflect API. Uncover hidden features and get a sneak peek at upcoming advancements, enhancing your JavaScript toolkit.
Elevate Code with Maps and SetsLearn why Maps and Sets are often superior to traditional Objects and Arrays. Understand their efficiency, safety advantages, and practical use cases to modernize your JavaScript coding.
Maximize Performance: Master Worker ThreadsDelve into Worker Threads in Node.js and Web Workers in browsers. Learn to offload tasks, differentiate their capabilities, and manage thread communication for optimized JavaScript performance.
Strict Mode Mastery in JavaScriptMaster Strict Mode in JavaScript to write cleaner, error-free code. Discover how to control this feature for enhanced security, performance, and adherence to best coding practices.
Demystifying JavaScript’s Evolution: Embrace Its ProgressExplore how JavaScript evolves annually with community-driven updates to its specification. Understand the stages from 1 to 4 and see how contributions are not limited to an elite circle but open to all, reflecting a truly collaborative effort.
Refactoring: The Art of Improving CodeDelve into the principles of refactoring, the process of restructuring existing code without changing its external behavior. Learn techniques to make your code more efficient, readable, and maintainable, transforming good code into great code.
Smart Typing in JS: JSDoc with a Touch of TypeScriptDiscover how to add type safety to your JavaScript projects using JSDoc and TypeScript, without fully converting your codebase. Learn strategies to integrate typing where it makes the most impact, balancing type safety with project realities.
TDD: Building Quality from the StartExplore Test-Driven Development (TDD) and its benefits in JavaScript. Understand how writing tests before code not only ensures quality but also guides your design, leading to more robust and maintainable applications.
Duration2 Days
WhereMunich, Germany
Price999 Euro
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